What’s the difference between a micro headshot session and a full individual session?

photo by Lane Hickenbottom/Omaha Headshot Co.

On our pricing page, you’ll see that we have 3 offerings: Individual Headshot Sessions, Group Headshot Sessions and Micro Headshot Sessions.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in each and how they’re different.

Individual Headshot Sessions

Individual headshot sessions are the essence of what we do at the Omaha Headshot Company. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver the absolute best headshots around….but there is a process.

Very few people can walk right up to a camera and instantly deliver their best expression (not to mention have the photographer ready with the most ideal light for that individual). With our individual sessions we take time to

  • break the ice
  • determine what your best side is
  • work multiple expressions
  • work out issues such as eyeglass glare
  • explore different background options
  • employ different body hacks that may or may not be flattering for you
  • possibly roll-play different emotions
  • try various wardrobe changes if requested

We do all this in a light-hearted way that provides an excellent experience. Our goal is to evoke an image that can truly help our clients walk away with an image that will help them grow their engagement and deliver successful results.

We are so confident that we can deliver on this that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on our individual headshot sessions.

Typically at the end of the session our clients pick out their images that we deliver with expert retouching in both high-resolution and web-sized formats, in both color and black & white. Retouching includes:

  • Wrinkle reduction or removal
  • Lightening bags under eyes
  • Removing acne, razor burns or other skin blemishes
  • Whitening of teeth
  • Taming hair fly-aways
  • Reducing facial shine
  • A list of other possible edits too long to mention

Group Headshot sessions

Group Headshot Sessions are similar to Individual Headshot Sessions with a few exceptions.

We usually keep them to 15 minutes or so because generally in a group scenario everyone is getting the same background and not trying a variety of clothing options.

Also 1 finished, retouched image is included in the session. To summarize, it’s usually a little cheaper, a little shorter, and an image is included. This option is valid for groups of 3 or more individuals.

Micro Headshot Sessions

This is a budget-friendly solution for larger groups.

We spend 1-2 minutes per person. During this quick time, we can genuinely get a real smile out of our clients, and light people pretty darned well. There generally isn’t time to customize the lighting to each individual person, nor is there time to really dive deeper into exploring everybody’s best sides and invoking a variety of expressions.

That said, most people have a great experience with our micro headshot sessions and walk away with the best headshot they’ve ever had.

We deliver unretouched images from the micro-sessions. Retouching is optional at $40 per image.

Which is best for my organization?

We believe strongly that if your headshot is used as a business tool, then you should have the best headshot available. Typically people in sales (especially if referrals are an important part of your process), c-suite executives, people planning a career move (think Linked-In), people who use their headshots on their business cards, and anybody else who has a vested interest in having a good headshot would benefit from a full individual or group headshot session. Support staff, non public-facing employees, or organizations on a tight budget (either money or time) can get a quality look from Omaha Headshot Company’s micro sessions.

Is there a money-back guarantee on the micro sessions?

There is not a money-back guarantee on the micro session, and here’s why:

We are telling you right now that we do our best work if we have the time to give you a full, individual headshot session. Most people get fantastic results in our micro sessions. But for us to feel like we are confidently giving you our best work, we prefer to spend more time with you, when we can honor the process.

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