How often should I change my headshot? Ten best occasions.

We get this question a lot: “How often should I change my headshot?”

The answer varies depending on the person. Life and appearance changes are frequently the impetus for a new headshot. Your headshot should reflect you honestly and accurately. This is essential as most people use their headshot as an first-impression tool on somebody they plan to meet in real life. So while it’s important to make a fantastic first impression, you don’t want to make people think you’re pulling some kind of catfish bait & switch.

You don’t like your current headshot

It doesn’t matter if it’s only a week old. If you don’t like your current headshot, you are past due for a new one. Life’s too short for bad headshots. That’s all we have to say about that.

You’ve lost a lot of weight

For most people, losing weight is the result of diet and/or lifestyle change for the better. A new headshot is a fantastic & healthy reward for reaching your goals. Let the world know that the new you is here and you’re fit as ever.

Brawn Clinkenbeard lost 100 pounds and was training for a half marathon when she came to Omaha Headshot Co.

You’ve gained a lot of weight

Not everybody is as jazzed about gaining weight as they are losing it, but you know what? It happens.

Anybody who has spent a lot of time meeting potential love interests on online dating sites knows how frequently people are dishonest through their headshots. Sure it might be easier to keep that old headshot than it is to fit into your old pants. Your waistline doesn’t lie but if your headshot does, it could be a first strike against your perceived trustworthiness. If you are in the business world and somebody is expecting to meet a size 10 but ends up shaking hands with a size 20, they may struggle to believe your pitch.

changed glasses

If you are an every-day eyeglass wearer, this is a no-brainer. Glasses are such a huge part of your look. If you’ve changed from black square frames to tortoise shell rounds, it’s time for a new headshot.

New Job / Career move

Shopping for a new job? It’s essential to make sure your online persona is in tip-top shape. Get that Linked-In profile on point…which starts with updating your resume and adding a fantastic-looking headshot. People in hiring positions want to see confidence. We can help with that.

Just started a new job? This is a huge moment in your life. There isn’t a better way to make a “ta-da” post announcing your change in the world than to do it with a new headshot. It’ll help serve as a reminder to all your friends and family each time they see your social media profile that you are the new you.

New hairdo

Few things date an old headshot quite like a drastic new style. This especially rings true if you’ve changed colors, went from straight to curly (or vice-versa) or had a drastic length change.

Hair Loss

The two requests we get the most is, “Can you make me look thinner?” and “Can you give me more hair?”

If the only hair that you have left is the hair on your headshot, you are coming across as either in denial or disingenuous. You are arming people who “meet” you first online and then meet a much balder version of you in person, with a reason to disbelieve you. Why do that to yourself?

Know what’s sexier than hair? Confidence. Let’s do this.

Goal setting

Up to this point we’ve talked about visual changes in your life, mostly changes that have already occurred. But what about if instead of reflecting changing you’ve already made, what if you use a headshot as a powerful anchor to help remind you of your new goals.

Maybe you are wanting to shed some weight, increase your sales or revenue, get out of debt, or acquire a new skill set–it can be anything really. Having a new “you” exuding in confidence staring back at you every time you check your Facebook or Instagram account can be a powerful reminder of your goals. It can help with the paradigm-shift required to change a lifetime of bad habits.

Time for a fresh look

Sometimes it’s just time for change. Some people go through hair styles/facial hair styles/glasses more frequently than I change my socks. Other people are rocking the same look they had in the 80s. Just like the mullet hairdo, we think the common old masters background headshots should be a thing of the past.

What’s an “old masters” background? Glad you asked. Recognize this?

I’m amazed how many people still use this look. It’s outdated, folks. Tell your photographer.

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The second easiest way is to birth a child.

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