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Senior Session

We know you have lots of options when it comes to finding a senior photographer.
Why not chose someone that will make your friends envious?



We love working with all students, but especially enjoy making dynamic, mouth-dropping photos of student athletes--the kind of photos worthy of a magazine cover.

senior session


What a novel idea! We publish our prices!

Our senior photography sessions include getting together twice: once for the shoot and then a second time to pick out images.

2-hour sunset session

Mix of in-studio and outdoors.
$ 375 session fee + $75 per image purchased
  • 2-hour multi-location session
  • No minimum order
  • Unlimited outfits
  • Scheduled Mon.-Thur. evenings
  • Viewing session scheduled at later date
  • Finished images are $75 each
  • Retouching included on purchased images
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Bonus Hour:

Get a longer, 3-hour session.
No additional charge,
just an $975 minimum order.

1-hour(ish) studio session

Same as our individual headshot sessions. Perfect if you just want a yearbook photo.
$ 175 session fee + $75 per image purchased
  • up to 1-hour studio session
  • No minimum order
  • Unlimited outfits
  • Scheduled weekdays
  • Images chosen during session
  • Purchased images are $75 each
  • Retouching included on purchased images

just want a

Yearbook Photo?

We get it. Not all Seniors want the whole senior photo experience. Schedule one of our normal individual headshot sessions and we'll help you take care of your yearbook photo.

senior session



"Lane was super fun to work with and very easy going! He came up with some great ideas and made sure that I felt comfortable during the entire shoot. He was also open to any ideas that I had and incorporated them in any way that he could. I would recommend Lane to anybody that’s looking to get their senior pictures done!"




how many clothing changes can I make?

There is no limit!  You can change as much as time will allow.  Two-3 outfits per hour of shooting is a reasonable and typical expectation.

what if I just need a yearbook photo?

Our 1-hour(ish) studio session is perfect for you!  We’ll make sure we get a photo that follow’s your school’s yearbook photo.  If that’s all you want, we can even finish you up early and get you back to whatever you’d prefer to be doing.  If you’d like a handful of other looks, we can work some other things in the studio.  

can you tell me more about the viewing session and purchasing images?

After our shoot (immediately after for our 1-hour(ish) studio sessions, or at a later date for our longer, sunset sessions), we’ll sit down with you, mom, dad, and/or anybody else wanting to have a hand in purchasing individual images.  This viewing session will be the only opportunity to view and purchase the images that you’ll end up with.

The images you purchase ($50 each) will come in both color & b&w and will be worked up by our professional retouchers.  

How many images do I get?

However many (or as few!) as you want.  You purchase only what you love…we hope you love a lot!

what rights do I have to the images?

You can do anything you want with them.  Print them, re-edit them, post them on social media.  Whatever!

I want to do a session with a friend. Can I do that?

Yes!  It’s just 1.5x the session price.  

should my parents be present during my shoot? Should I attend my son/daughter's shoot? can I bring a friend for support?

Honestly, we think the best dynamic for MOST seniors is to not have their parents attend the shoot.  That’s not a hard & fast rule, but parents tend to try to be “helpful”…and….well….parently.  Have your parents attend if you must, but think it through first.

A friend?  Sure! Please pick someone who we be supportive. 

what are the minimum orders?

Other than the session fee ($190 or $390) there are no additional minimum orders.

how do I get the images?

We’ll provide a downloadable gallery.  Each image you purchase we’ll provide both a black & white and color version.  They will be high-resolution JPEG images that should be large enough to print almost any size.  

do you offer prints or other tangible items?

We listened to the market, and the market told us you just want the digital images.  So to keep things simple, that’s all we offer.  

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