What should I wear for my headshot? 3 things to consider.

By Darcie Zauha, House of Colour.

Choosing what to wear for professional headshots can be tricky!  It’s important to think about three things as you are planning your clothing choices.


Color is a powerful tool that is really subliminal.  Generally, big or busy prints tend to be the focus of a picture, and you want the attention going to your eyes!   

Do you know if your best “white” is the brightest white you can find? Is a softer white better? Is cream really best for you?  When you’re looking in the mirror, look at what the color is doing to your face.  Is your attention going to your eyes?  That’s where it should be.  Also, you should look like you feel great!  If you don’t, try another color and see what differences you can see.

Everyone has either warm or cool undertones to their skin.  For warm undertones, cream and other warm colors will make you look healthy and vibrant.  For cool undertones, pure white will give you a glow.  Your best bet is to look at your face in natural light with various clothing options.  Which ones give you a healthy, rested glow?  Go for those!

Ladies, lipstick is important!  The right one draws attention to your eyes and wakes up your whole face.  Who doesn’t want that??  

For many, black is an overpowering color, so you may want to consider gray or navy instead, and then add a brighter color as an accent color, especially for headshots.   For groups, it’s a good idea to choose a common neutral for everyone, and then add some brighter colors to add some interest while still being cohesive.  


You should feel confident in what you’re wearing.  Be sure that your clothes fit – not too loose or too tight.  If your suit jacket needs tailored, get it done.  It’s money well spent and you won’t look like you’re wearing someone else’s suit.  Ladies, having some structure in your clothes will show your shape and it will translate well in your photographs.  Lane also has some great tips on posing and he’ll help you look your absolute best!


Professional photographs aren’t the time to try out the latest trends or do a complete makeover.  Your photographs should look like YOU!

Wear something that you feel comfortable in.  Better yet, wear something that you feel AMAZING in!  Confidence shows, and a great way to get it is to know that you look good. 

If you never wear a suit and you’re getting professional headshots, you can still inject your own personality.  Ladies, choose a blouse in a color that you always get compliments in. Guys, pick a tie or pocket square that is uniquely you! 

Ladies, your accessories matter too.  Choose earrings and necklaces that will draw attention to your eyes.  That’s what it’s all about!

Most of all, you want your pictures to represent who you are.  If you want to know for sure the colors and style that look best on you, consider a color and/or style consultation!  It’s a great way to learn language that will help you quickly identify things that are going to look best on you when you are choosing clothes from your own closet or when you’re in stores or online.

You want your photographs to look like YOU!  Choose clothes, hair, accessories and makeup that compliment your natural coloring and your personal style.  Most importantly, have FUN! 

About the author

Darcie Zauha, House of Colour

Darcie Zauha is a Personal Color and Style Consultant with House of Colour.  She specializes in helping people discover how to find clothes that fit their personal style and enhance their natural coloring through color science and an in depth style evaluation.  

Knowing what will look great on you helps you identify the very best clothes within your own closet and as you’re out shopping.  Investing in a consultation will save you money, time, energy, and frustration. .  Instead of wearing 20% of your clothes 80% of the time, you will be able to have a closet full of items that you want to wear over and over. 

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