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You may have heard the word retouching thrown around by photographers before, but what does it really mean? Simply put, retouching is the improvement of an image through slight adjustments such as clearing hair fly-ways, softening bags under eyes and wrinkles, removing skin blemishes, and whitening teeth.

We frequently get asked what these changes might look like when our customers are deciding on the type of retouching they want. This post is meant to give you an idea of the changes we can make and what they may look like.

Before After

Removing blemishes

Blemishes are any temporary marks such as scars or pimples. We regularly remove these unless otherwise requested.

Reducing wrinkles

“Can you make me look younger?” We sure can and we make it look as natural as possible!

Before After
Before After

Removing bags under eyes

While we recommend a full night of sleep before your headshot, we are happy to remove bags under your eyes to make you look your best!

Teeth whitening

Coffee and wine lovers rejoice! We can whiten your teeth so you can put your best foot forward. 

Before After
Before After

Reducing facial shine

Our lighting flatters all faces, but some are more naturally oily than others which results in facial shine sometimes. Retouching easily takes care of that

hair fly-aways

No matter how much time you spend doing your hair there’s always that one that just doesn’t want to behave. We make it behave.

Before After
Before After

clothing lint

We do our best to notice and remove lint before we photograph you, but in case we don’t, we’ll do so by retouching them out.

Eyeglass glare

Using special techniques, we can usually reduce most glare while shooting. In the event you have extra reflective glasses we reduce the glare through retouching. 

Before After
Before After

removing clothing wrinkles

We know your shirt was perfectly crisp before you got in the car, but your seatbelt decided to change that. We can remove clothing wrinkles for an extra charge. 

face slimming

We use in-camera techniques to showcase your best look and alleviate things like double chins. Usually we don’t use heavy-handed Photoshop tricks to drop even more pounds unless you expressly ask us to, in which case—we sure can! An extra charge applies to face slimming. 

Before After

There you have it! We love making our clients look their best and retouching helps us do just that. If you have any retouching questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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