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So you booked your headshot session and are excited to have a new picture that more accurately reflects how you want the world to perceive you. That’s great! At Omaha Headshot Company we are all about helping people communicate directly with their target audience in a visually compelling way. 

One of the ways we do that is by making our headshot sessions collaborative. We do this by learning what you’re trying to communicate to your audience through your headshot at the beginning of your session. We also like to do a mid-session review of some images to ensure we’re on the right track. Lastly, you pick out your favorites by sitting down with us at the computer after your headshot is taken. There are three main reasons we’ve found to be beneficial for our clients.

1. You walk away with your favorites

Rather than guessing which images you’ll love, we let you tell us. You’re in control when it comes to this process. You may or may not like images we love, and that’s why it’s vital that we sit down together for image selection. Everyone’s needs are different. And because we sell digital images individually, you can decide how many or how few you’d like to purchase. This ensures you walk away with your absolute favorite images. 

2. It allows us to get it right

During our typical individual headshot session, we might review a few of your headshots using the screen on the back of our camera. While this is a great tool to get quick feedback, there is one flaw. The camera screen is tiny. It makes it hard to catch small details that can only be seen when a computer monitor is used. There have been instances when we sat down with clients to select images at the end of the shoot only to notice a small detail that was just not quite right. Think a collar crease, some lint, shirt wrinkle, or something similar. In cases like these, we like to head back to the studio (which is luckily just down the hall from our office) and take a few more images with the necessary adjustments made to get the best shot possible. 

3. We help you make the best choice

Some photographers provide their clients with a proofing gallery to select the final images. While this might seem like a convenient option, it rarely is. Because we focus on capturing a variety of outfits, facial expressions, and backgrounds, we typically review more than 100 images before the final selections are made. Reviewing those same photos on your own would be a time-consuming process. We make this process a breeze through the use of specialized software, providing our expert opinion, and reviewing multiple images at a time on our larger monitors. If you’re worried that this process will be difficult, you can rest assured that we’ll guide you along and provide feedback based on our years of headshot expertise. We notice the details that others don’t and are adept at reading facial expressions and the messages they can communicate. All of these elements make for an image selection process that leaves our clients amazed.

Now that you have an overview of how our image selection process works, you can walk into your session knowing you’ll receive only the best images available. 

If you’re ready to make more sales, get the job, recruit top talent, and look better than your competition while doing it, schedule your session today! 

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