Timeline of a typical headshot session

A couple minutes of ice-breaking followed by twenty to twenty-five minutes of shooting.

That’s how long the shooting process has been taking lately at Omaha Headshot Co. (for people wanting just one image). During that time I might shoot about 80 images.

“Why so much shooting for just one image?” you might ask.

It’s all about the pursuit of excellence! We’re driven to deliver the best personal image you’ve ever had of yourself while also giving you the best experience you’ve ever had in front of a camera. 

The beginning of the headshot session:

Let’s face it, we’ve all had our photos taken a bazillion times in our lives. We (most of us) kinda know how to smile for the camera. When we first get started, this is the look you’ll likely give me before I have much coaching I can offer.  

The first photos will be pretty damn good. You’ve practiced this face your whole life, and now I’m putting you in some of the most flattering light you’ve ever been photographed under. 

Boom! We could be done at this point and you’ll have a fine headshot.

In fact, before I started to become a headshot guru, a lot of times my clients would pick the very first frame as their favorite. Not so frequently anymore.

The middle of the session: the learning curve begins.

After shooting our baseline, the learning begins–for both of us.

I’m busy figuring out how the lighting falls on your specific face; how your hair reacts to being over one shoulder or another; which is your better side; how to manage the glare off your glasses, etc. 

Meanwhile, I’m giving you a litany of things to do with your body and face: turn your shoulders that way, your head the other way, drop your front shoulder, rotate your head, squinch your under-eyelids, do the thing with your eyebrows, rub your belly while patting your head.

It’s no wonder the photos in the middle are frequently throw-outs! It’s unnatural and there is too much thinking!!!

But I promise to keep it light-hearted and fun. Even though you look like you are smiling through severe constipation, we are typically having a good time. 

During this time we’ll likely look at some images together so that we can both see what is working and what is not. The goal here is to make you look confident and approachable. I can demonstrate the specific difference we get from two different looks. You’ll be able to see the progress.

The end of the session: it all comes together.

Practice makes perfect and through several minutes of chugging our way through the bad photos it all starts to come together.


Posture, expression and lighting all come together into one fantastic photo that is indeed the very best photo you’ve ever had of yourself. You not only look friendly and approachable–you look knowledgeable and confident!

In summary:

Making you look good is easy. Making you look your very best might take a little bit of trial & error, coaching, learning and work. In the end, we’ll make it happen and we’ll have fun doing it.

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