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Group Headshot FAQs

What do group headshots cost

For the most up-to-date information on pricing, chack out our group headshot pricing page.

how long should I plan for each person?

Plan for 2-5 minutes per person for our Express sessions and 8-20 minutes per person for our Premier sessions. During our planning call, we can strategize what’s best for your organization.

How long does it take to get our images?

We can deliver Express group headshots within a week after the last selection is made. Premier headshots are a week after the shoot if in-session selection is preferred

We want you to come to us. what space requirements do you need?

Ideally we’d have a space clear of furniture that is at least 8-foot wide by 15-foot wide. We feel we can offer a better experience if whoever is being photographed doesn’t have to have an audience…so a private room is best.

where will the session take place?

We can shoot at our 108th & Q Studio in Omaha, at your offices, or at another location of your chosing. There is a small charge for us to set up our studio at your location, but that is commonly the best strategy for larger groups.

Will you retouch our headshots?

We can absolutely retouch your headshots for things like skin blemishes, eyeglass glare, teeth whitening, soften wrinkles and bags under eyes, hair fly-aways, etc. 

Professional retouching is included in our Premier group headshots and is an add-on for our Express headshots. 

What should we wear?

We’ve had people wear a shirt and tie on top and board shorts and flip flops down below. You should wear whatever you think is appropriate for the audience you are wanting communicate with. Typically people in finance dress in business formal. Creative types are generally more relaxed and expressive about what they wear. Bold colors or patterns may distract. Textures are always nice. For a typical headshot, you only need to be concerned from the chest-up. For an environmental portrait you want to be ready from head-to-toe.

We typically like the looks of lighter clothes for lighter backgrounds and darker clothes for darker backgrounds.

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