3 Ways to Win at Recruiting Talent

If you’ve tried hiring anyone in the past year, you know how difficult it’s gotten. Call it a perfect storm. COVID concerns, family care obligations, career re-evaluations, and much more. With such a tight job market, companies are competing for talent like never before. Touting benefits such as a flexible work schedule and remote work to attract talent is no longer good enough. Employers have to be much more competitive to hire the right people 

So what can you do as an employer to increase the chances of finding a person who’s the right fit? 

1. Perfect Your Online Presence

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A strong online presence can be one of the most powerful recruiting tools. Think of all the different places someone can encounter your company online. Do you feel confident about the way your company portrays itself online? We all know that first impressions are important, so why leave anything up to chance. A lot of companies opt to only have professional headshots taken of their senior leadership, but we think that’s a crucial mistake. If the goal of your online channels is to showcase the amazing work your company does, don’t you think your employees, who make the work possible, deserve to be championed too? On the other hand, some companies take headshots of everyone, but they’re usually low quality and limited to ID badges or internal communication channels.

Many companies have an aversion to investing in professional headshots for the entire company because of poor experiences in the past. Think yearbook photo style headshots where everyone spends just a few seconds in front of the camera, resulting in unflattering photos. 

That just doesn’t sit right with us. 

2. Humanize your company

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A good headshot is an extension of your brand. Therefore, it’s essential that the headshots you share build your brand, not damage it. If your headshots show unhappy and tired people, you’re deterring perfectly qualified candidates and damaging your brand perception. 

3. Send the right message 

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There is a seemingly endless stream of information about any company online. A job-seeker is likely to research the company, especially on LinkedIn to see if they have any connections currently working there. 

If they run across an employee’s profile where they look disheveled and unprofessional, what message do you think that sends? They might think to themselves.“If they can’t even invest in some professional headshots for their employees, why should I bother applying?” At that point, you just deterred a potentially great hire because you didn’t want to make a small investment in your employees. In the long run, getting a great headshot for everyone at the company saves you money by reducing your recruitment costs by preventing situations like this.

The right headshot presents your teammates as the experts they are. They can go from looking insecure and uninviting to looking confident and approachable. This applies across the board, whether we’re talking about your website, LinkedIn profiles, or other marketing materials.  

Ready to start kicking some butt in recruiting? Schedule your individual or corporate headshots today! 

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