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Nebraska Realty Headshot Day

Headshot quickie

The least pain for people who absolutely hate this (let's just be honest).
$ 80 includes 1 retouched image
  • Quick in-n-out, 2-minute session
  • 1 retouched image
  • Add'l retouched images: $40

Headshot session + lifestyle images

Best Value!
$ 140 includes 1 retouched headshot and 8-12 lifestyle images
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or money back.
  • 10-15 minute headshot session
  • 5-10 minute lifestyle session (20 mins total)
  • 1 retouched headshot
  • 8-12 unretouched lifestyle shots
  • Add'l retouched images: $40
  • "Body hack" headshot coaching included

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a headshot quickie?

It’s a super quick in-n-out version of our typical, longer headshot session.  Our typical sessions include “body hack” coaching so we can guide you in ways to lose a double chin, make your arms look ripped or give you a look of confidence.

what if I'm not available on November 13?

You can always book an individual headshot session with Omaha Headshot Session at our normal rates. Book a time that works best for you here.

What can I expect from the lifestyle images?

Your short lifestyle session will result in a handful of images with windows or tile in the background and will be various dimensions and crops, making them great for you to use in social media.

is there a guarantee on the quickie?

Twenty minutes gives us enough time to make sure we can do a quality job, and we stand by our work. Anybody who signs up for the 20-minute session will have a satisfaction guarantee.  

The headshot quickie is a 2-minute headshot session designed for people who know they need a new headshot, but hate having their photo taken or don’t want to spend too much on it. We get it, but let us ask you a question: Have you ever done anything for 2 minutes and thought, “that’s the best I’ve ever had!” 

Us neither. With the quickie, we only guarantee that one of us will leave satisfied.

How many images do I get?

The quickie includes one retouched headshot image.

The 20-minute session includes one satisfaction-guaranteed headshot image and 5-10 lifestyle images.

Can I do a team photo?

We love doing team photos! With the nature of our structured time block, we will only be able to do individual photo shoots on the date we are at your location. Contact us to set up a team photo at another date.

How long does it take to get my images?

Once you’ve picked out your image(s), we’ll have them touched up and delivered within 5 business days. We can offer a 24-hour rush service for $40/image.

where will the session take place?

The headshots will be taken in the training room at the Nebraska Realty headquarters. The lifestyle images will be taken at various locations throughout the building.

Will you retouch my headshot?

Absolutely! We will remove most skin blemishes and soften wrinkles and bags under eyes for the final image. 

can you make me look younger?

Yes! And make it look like you got 12 hours of sleep! We make you look your best!

can you take 10 pounds off?

We use in-camera techniques such as posing and lighting to showcase your best look and alleviate things like double chins. Usually we don’t use heavy-handed Photoshop tricks to drop even more pounds unless you expressly ask us to, in which case—we sure can!

I wear glasses. Will that be a problem?

You might have experienced issues with other photographers having glare issues when they take your picture. We can usually finesse our way around this problem using proper angles with our lights. 

So typically not a problem with us in the 20-minute session, especially if you purchased the glare resistance in your lenses.

If your glasses glare bad, we discourage the quickie.

What should I wear?

Wear what you love most! For headshots, dark jackets photograph really nicely. People with lighter colored (blue or green especially) often benefit from wearing a similar accent color (black jacket with blue shirt for blue eyes). Solids or subtle patterns generally photograph better than bold, loud patterns, but we encourage our clients to be themselves.

What if I'm not photogenic?

You are your own worst critic. I think you’re beautiful!

Will you direct me?

Absolutely! Try to come with your guard down and be prepared to tell me a joke. I’ll do the rest.

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