Visual Perception and Why it Matters

The human brain is a funny thing. As intelligent and creative as it can be, it has its pitfalls.  What are we talking about? As …

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3 Ways to Win at Recruiting Talent

If you’ve tried hiring anyone in the past year, you know how difficult it’s gotten. Call it a perfect storm. COVID concerns, family care obligations, …

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Teacher wears same outfit for yearbook photo over 40 years

3 Headshot Takeaways from Teacher that Wore Same Outfit for 40 Years in Yearbook Photos

Could you imagine wearing the same outfit for 40 years?

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New Year’s Resolutions & Building a Brand

The value of New Year’s Resolutions  It’s that time of the year again. You sit down to reflect on the year past and set your …

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Lane photographs client of 10 years

Lane Hickenbottom, owner/operator at Omaha Headshot Company, photographed Bridget, his client of 10 years. Here’s some behind the scenes footage from the session.

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Retouching at Omaha Headshot Co.

You may have heard the word retouching thrown around by photographers before, but what does it really mean? Simply put, retouching is the improvement of …

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